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    Skillmaker is committed to making work-place skills training accessible to all via Free online training courses that are built by industry for industry using the tools and platforms of the internet. "Work skills training for all".

    What we believe

Industry Professor Association (INDPA)

Industry Professor Association (INDPA) is a non-profit organisation that recognizes and rewards member's, who have personal practical knowledge within an Industry and contribute to global learning and education. Member's desire to enjoy all the benefits from sharing their extensive experience, is captured in INDPA's mantra of "Rewarding experience".



Plum task creates an environment to allow Industry experts to answer specific questions. These questions are derived from the Australian Training Packages. Training packages are developed by Service Skills Organisations to meet the training needs of an industry, or a group of industries. It is controlled through the Australian Skills Quality Authority.



Answers to questions about education disruption and reform by online education thought leader Peter Baskerville, and posted on Quora's global Q&A discussion forum.



Nowmaster helps industry experts and elearning developers to become edupreneurs and to profit from their experience by establishing businesses that capture, develop and distribute human intellectual capital in the form of digital learning products for global learners. We are an incubator for entrepreneurs establishing education sector enterprises.

Skillmaker strives to provide a continually improving teaching and learning resource that gives learners the best available work skills training for the lowest possible cost. We are passionate about delivering on our mantra of 'work skills training for all'.